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About Us

Who We Are

Pacific Environment protects the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We have partnered with local and indigenous communities in Russia, China, California, and the Alaskan Arctic for more than two decades. We believe that long term environmental and social progress originates from strengthening local communities and grassroots movements, complemented with sophisticated policy advocacy at international finance and governance institutions.

We mentor, train, campaign, build networks, and provide direct financial support to activist leaders and non-governmental organizations to help them protect their communities from environmental and health threats and hold international governments, corporations, and financing institutions accountable for their policies and actions.

Together with our partners, we’ve shielded tens of thousands of acres of old growth forest; won protections for endangered species; forced oil, gas, mining, and timber companies to heed local concerns; closed polluting factories along rivers; and changed the way some of the world’s most powerful financial institutions work.