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Our partners in China engage citizens from all walks of life and across all ages to help solve China's industrial pollution problems.

Pacific Environment is fostering a grassroots environmental movement in China by building citizen networks and by sharing creative solutions that address China’s critical industrial pollution problems. 

China’s environment is severely strained by industrial pollution. Urban air quality is among the worst in the world, and water resources are polluted and overused. Pollution causes major public health problems, from decreased life expectancy to increased cancer rates and fertility problems.

The impacts of China’s industrial pollution challenges are felt globally, in the form of climate change, toxic air and water pollution, and unsafe consumer products. Conversely, these pollution challenges are largely globally driven, a byproduct of global demand for goods made cheaply in China.

While the government of China has demonstrated a strong interest in improving China's environment, the task the country faces is enormous. Local environmental organizations play a key role in helping to balance China's development needs with sustainable natural resource management.

For over 15 years, Pacific Environment has been working with community-based, nongovernmental organizations across China to address environmental challenges. We focus on bringing tools and resources to local groups to help them hold polluters accountable and bring about lasting reductions in air and water pollution.

We achieve real world results through:

  • A comprehensive training and mentorship program focused on building strong local organizations
  • Bringing rule of law tools to local groups and pollution victims
  • Technical and strategic assistance to design winning campaigns

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