The Arctic is ground zero for climate change. We and allies block offshore oil drilling. We route ships away from coastal communities and wildlife to avoid collisions and catastrophic oil spills. And we help propel the shipping industry into a clean energy future.

Polar bears, walrus, and other Arctic wildlife are threatened by pollution from ships traversing fragile Arctic waters. An oil spill in the Arctic is practically impossible to clean up. (Photo: Greenpeace)

Digital Media: Oil Companies Can’t Stop a Spill in the Arctic

September 14, 2011
Pacific Environment is one of 50 organizations that make up the United for America's Arctic Coalition. The coalition ran the following ad in the September 14th issue of...
The Arctic's fragile ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to an oil spill and the consequences of an accident would have a profound effect on the environment and local fisheries. Photo Credit: (Ed Keating)

Royal Dutch Shell Drops Offshore Oil Drilling In Beaufort Sea for 2011

February 3, 2011
Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, today announced that the oil giant has abandoned plans for exploratory drilling in Alaska's Beaufort Sea in 2011. Despite the...