The Arctic is ground zero for climate change. We and allies block offshore oil drilling. We route ships away from coastal communities and wildlife to avoid collisions and catastrophic oil spills. And we help propel the shipping industry into a clean energy future.

A meeting of the International Maritime Organization in London next week will hear about the impact of shipping on northern environment and communities from Indigenous leaders. (Photo: Beluga Shipping/Associated Press)

Arctic Indigenous Leaders to Push for Permanent Voice in World Maritime Body

October 20, 2016
A coalition of environmental groups is calling for a permanent voice for Arctic Indigenous communities at the world body that regulates the global maritime industry.
International maritime shipping, which transports 90% of global trade, emits more greenhouse gasses annually than the entire country of Germany—the nation with the sixth-highest emissions. (Photo: iStockPhoto)

Battle Lines Drawn for Fiery IMO Gathering

October 20, 2016
The battle lines have been drawn for what is expected to be a fierce fight at next week’s 70th meeting of the International Maritime Organization’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee...
Arctic indigenous leaders discussed threats to wildlife and communities from increased shipping in the Arctic due to melting sea ice caused by climate change.

Arctic Indigenous Leaders From Alaska, Russia and Canada Make Historic London Address on Impacts of Arctic Ocean Shipping

October 19, 2016
Six Arctic indigenous leaders from Alaska, Canada, and Russia will travel to London next week to address the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the impacts of shipping in the...
The Clean Arctic Alliance has issued a call for IMO to ban the use of HFO in arctic waters. (Photo: Peter Rejcek)

NGOs Again Urge IMO to Ban HFO Use in Arctic Waters

October 19, 2016
With the 70th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 70) set to take place next week, green groups are once again calling for the International Maritime Organization...
As sea ice dwindles, new waterways open up. The waters in the Arctic is rapidly becoming crowded with increased ship traffic that exploits these channels, and the urgency for new shipping rules is more urgent than ever to prevent oil spills. (Photo: NABU)

URGENT: Take Action to Protect the Arctic Ocean from Dirty Shipping

September 24, 2016
Arctic Ocean ice just hit another all-time low. With more open water comes increased ship traffic. Some of the ships traveling through pristine Arctic waters are powered by the...
President Obama meets with Kevin Baker, the 2011 Iditarod winner, on Sept. 2 in Kotzebue, Alaska. (Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP)

Obama Arctic Legacy That Included Phase Out of Heavy Fuel Oil Would Eliminate Most Dangerous Threat Identified for Arctic Waters

July 8, 2016
President Obama made history last summer by being the first sitting president to visit the Arctic, speaking passionately about climate change and focusing on Arctic challenges. Phasing out the...