People have a right to healthy, sustainable livelihoods and cultural self-determination. We collaborate with local people to protect traditional economies and create new ways to safeguard the natural resources traditional economies depend on.

Nina Zaporotskaya, a native Kamchatkan started Lach, an organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating indigenous culture. (Photo: Pacific Environment)

The Power of Partnerships

January 31, 2017
Nina Zaporotskaya created an unlikely alliance between park rangers and indigenous groups to protect wild salmon. Nina Zaporotskaya is a salmon defender. And she is one of the reasons...
Eduard Zdor, director of the Chukotka Association of Traditional Marine Mammal Hunters, dedicates his life to protecting Arctic marine mammals sacred to the Chukotka. (Photo: Pacific Environment)

Arctic Peoples and Mammals in Crisis

January 30, 2017
Eduard Zdor protects walruses threatened by climate change and connects indigenous youth with their cultural traditions. Scientists and indigenous peoples noticed a disturbing trend among walrus populations in Chukotka...
Eugene Stoma with police apprehending a poacher. (Photo: Pacific Environment)

Special Ops Soldier Turned National Park Ranger

January 30, 2017
Eugene “Zhenya” Stoma is fighting two of the biggest threats to endangered Siberian Tigers and Amur leopards: poachers and forest fires. Zhenya grew up in southern Siberia, which is...
As part of his village’s ecotourism initiative, village leader Donchi teaches visitors from the cities about the grasslands and his community’s way of life. (Photo: Pacific Environment)

A Story of Tibetan Villagers Designing Their Own Development – With a Very Happy Ending

December 9, 2016
A few months ago, the people of Karlsi, a small village high in China’s Tibetan Plateau, refused a lucrative offer from a construction firm eager to build roads and...

Pacific Walrus Protection and Management in a Changing Climate

May 18, 2016
A new report published by Pacific Environment examines potential projects to protect and manage walrus and other ice-dependent species population in Arctic. On both sides of the International Date...