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For nearly two decades, Pacific Environment has worked with community partners across the northern Pacific Rim to address some of the most critical environmental issues facing us: climate change, biodiversity protection, freshwater and marine conservation, energy and resource extraction, government transparency, and cultural preservation.We have taken on companies and governments to advocate for stronger environmental controls.We have linked people together around the Pacific to help communities gain a louder voice in the decisions that impact their livelihoods.

Our Priorities:


As the world's population and our energy demands grow, resource extraction activities are moving further and further into remote and fragile areas where there are serious environmental consequences.


The Pacific Rim is one of Earth’s most important regions, rich in ecological and cultural diversity, bountiful seas, vast forests, unique animals and verdant plant life. However, this precious environment has been under threat for the last few decades due to energy development and resource extraction.


Arctic communities of Northern Alaska and the eastern tip of Russia are on the front lines of climate change, reporting dramatic shifts in temperatures and migration patterns.

Climate Change

The Earth is heating up. Gases produced from environmentally destructive fossil fuel projects, burning of dirty fuels for transportation and shipping, deforestation, increased energy consumption, agriculture fires and other human-caused activities are accumulating and inundating the planet. Scientists predict that unless we do something to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, there will be irreversible consequences



Right now our water resources are threatened by a variety of activities: global shipping, plastics, and ocean acidification causing pollutants. More and more of our wild rivers are being dammed to generate electricity. Our coasts and their precious marine ecosystems are increasingly threatened by oil spills caused by offshore drilling activities and the shipping industry.