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Protecting the ecological and cultural treasures of the Arctic
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The Pacific Rim is home to an enormous variety of species and ecosystems, boasting bountiful seas, vast forests, unique animals, and verdant plant life. Local communities depend on healthy and diverse systems for survival, and travelers from around the world visit the Pacific Rim to enjoy the sheer beauty of the region's staggering biodiversity. Unfortunately, this important region is under pressure from resource extraction, climate change, poaching, and other threats.

For nearly two decades, Pacific Environment has partnered with the communities that depend on the Pacific Rim to preserve the region's rich biodiversity. With our partners, we've shielded millions of acres of forest, won protections for endangered species, and improved protections for the Pacific's marine resources. Our work continues to have a significant impact on the ground, catalyzing international efforts to protect species such as the endangered Siberian tiger, Amur leopard, and Western Pacific Gray Whale.