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Meet Our Partners

There is a difficult road for grassroots NGOs in China, but we would have no way to go forward at all if not for the help of Pacific Environment.
-Lang Dezhong, Green Longjiang

Green Camel Bell: Lanzhou, Gansu Province

Green Camel Bell organizes public “City River Walks” that often include a walking excursion along the Yellow River, garbage clean-up, water quality testing, and lectures on water quality issues.

Green Camel Bell is dedicated to protecting the environment of China's western region. Founded by the charismatic outdoorsman and Electronic Communications engineer Zhao Zhong in 2003, it has grown into a regionally and internationally respected watchdog organization with three dedicated staff and an active volunteer base. Green Camel Bell promotes grassroots activism in the protection of the Yellow River by organizing regular "City River Walks" for the general public, Water Environment Forums for stakeholders, and training workshops for student environmental groups. Green Camel Bell collaborates with Pacific Environment and the Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs to monitor polluting enterprises along the Yellow River and conduct Third Party Audits. Zhao Zhong was named as one of Time Magazine's Heroes of the Environment in 2009.

Green Longjiang: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

Green Longjiang is a student-based environmental protection organization based in Harbin, Heilongjiang. It serves as an educational, communication and organizing platform for environmental clubs from different universities to coordinate local environmental initiatives in Harbin. Green Longjiang's major program is the Songhua River Protection project. Staff members and core student leaders train and organize students to research the ecosystem and investigate water quality along the Songhua River. They are currently working with the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to collect information regarding polluting enterprises along the Songhua River to promote public disclosure of pollution data, and maintain a database of information to be available on their website for public access. In partnerships with other NGOs and academic institutions, Green Longjiang also works on wetland preservation, pesticide pollution control and Siberian Tiger conservation issues in Harbin.

Green Anhui: Hefei, Anhui Province

Green Anhui's mission is to increase public interest and activism in environmental protection. Founded in 2004, Green Anhui now has offices in Hefei, Wuhu and Bengbu which operate five different programs: Water Conservation & Protection, Environmental Health and Chemical Poisoning, Ecosystem Protection, Environmental Education and a Public Awareness Campaign. In 2008, after a two-year long campaign, Green Anhui led the Chougang villagers to successfully shutdown three chemical factories that were polluting the village waterways. Green Anhui partners with Pacific Environment to protect Anhui's water resources through the Huai River Protection & Communication Program (HRPCP) and Qingyi River Project.

Green Hunan: Changsha, Hunan

Green Hunan became a partner of Pacific Environment in 2012. Green Hunan focuses on the environmental issues in the Xiang River watershed in Hunan Province and has established an extensive network of volunteers to regularly monitor water quality at various sites throughout the Xiang River. Monitoring efforts regularly result in stronger regulation of polluters by local officials. Green Hunan also works to promote corporate responsibility among leading companies in Hunan.

Green Stone Environmental Action Network: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Green Stone has grown from a student organization to a well-respected authority on water pollution issues in Nanjing and the entire province of Jiangsu, which is one of the most intensive manufacturing regions of China. Green Stone trains volunteers to monitor water pollution at various sites along local streams and rivers, and these investigations have led to the identification and punishment of illegal polluters. Green Stone is also at the forefront of pushing for more environmental information to be disclosed to the public and protecting the rights of pollution victims.

Blue Dalian: Liaoning Province, Dalian City 

Blue Dalian works toward the protection of Dalian's environment by cooperating with student environmental groups, local governments, and members of the community. Founded in 2007, Blue Dalian's current work focuses on protecting the Biliu River from nearby gold mining and garbage dumping and protecting the spotted seal from China's new trans-provincial coastline freeway project. Student volunteers help drive Blue Dalian's mission through the newly established College Environmental Alliance.

Green Student Forum: Beijing

Green Student Forum is a Beijing-based network of student environmental groups from all over China. GSF organizes workshops, seminars and other events to educate young people about environmental issues and to help train China’s next generation of environmental leaders. Although GSF works on a wide range of environmental issues, much of their work has been focused on water pollution in Beijing. GSF has held a number of events to raise public awareness of pollution problems in local rivers, and they recently started a river conservation campaign to investigate and protect Beijing’s Tonghui River. 

Wuhu Ecology Center: Southern Anhui Province

Wuhu Ecology Center has been working to protect the environment of southern Anhui and western Zhejiang since 2008 through mobilizing student movements and increasing public awareness. Wuhu Ecology Center currently focuses on municipal waste problems, particularly relating to paper industry pollution, and works closely with the China Waste Information Network and the China Environmental Paper Network. It conducts investigations of the threatened Qingyi River, organizes public outreach events, and produces and disseminates informational booklets. The youth environmental movement is at the backbone of WEC's work.

Our other Chinese partners include: Green Eyes, Green Oasis, South China Nature Society, and Guizhou People's Network.