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Help Us End Oil Drilling in the Arctic Ocean—For Good!
Bil oil companies like Shell have proven time and again that they cannot safely drill for oil in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Ocean. Join us and tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to cancel America's Arctic Ocean drilling program.
Help Us Save Endangered Whales from Big Oil
Save the critically endangered Western Gray Whale from oil giants Shell and Gazprom near Sakhalin Island in Russia. Urge the banks that finance Sakhalin II, one of the largest oil and gas projects in the world, to protect the remaining 150 whales.
Don’t Let the U.S. Trash the Arctic
The U.S. is blocking a proposal to ban garbage dumping in Arctic waters. Help us protect the region’s marine mammals and fragile ecosystems from drowning in waste. Tell Admiral Robert J. Papp and the U.S. Coast Guard to support the ban.
Stop Offshore Oil Drilling in the American Arctic
Shell is not prepared to drill safely in the Arctic. Tell President Obama and Secretary of the Interior Salazar to immediately halt Shell's oil drilling program in America's Arctic waters.
Help Us Save Australia's Great Barrier Reef!
Stand up for endangered dugong and sea turtle habitats in the Great Barrier Reef. Don't let Fred Hochberg and Ex-Im Bank provide $4.7 billion in U.S. public financing for two massive liquefied natural gas projects in Australia.