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10 Reasons to Support Pacific Environment Right Now

1. We fight to ensure that your tax dollars don’t end up financing dirty fossil fuel projects around the Pacific Rim.

2. We protect endangered polar bears, whales, narwhals, walruses, seals, birds, and many other wild species from the devastating rush to exploit one of the last great wild places on earth—our fragile Arctic.

3. We empower hundreds of local citizens across China to monitor their rivers and coasts and pressure polluters and governments to clean up their act.

4. We protect Russia’s endangered big cats—the Siberian tiger and Amur and snow leopards—from poachers and habitat-destroying wildfires.

5. We support the fight of local and indigenous grassroots leaders against Big Oil and Big Coal.

6. We promote clean energy close to home in California and in far-off, remote places like the Altai Republic.

7. We help reduce black carbon emissions—one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases—from diesel-powered ship traffic, dirty coal-powered energy, and out-of-control wildfires around the Pacific Rim.

8. We advance the growth of civil society and the rule of law in China and Russia.

9. We help local and indigenous groups map sites with cultural, spiritual, and ecological significance to protect their ancient history and unique biodiversity.

10. We fight above our weight class! We are a small, lean grassroots organization with a huge impact around the Pacific Rim—and we depend on generous contributions from people like you!